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15 August 2005

T Minus 9 Days.....Monday... registration complete. Decided on black and silver silk shirt Mom knitted for me. Hate my id card. I never like my id cards. They look like mug shots. Was there longer than expected, ran into lots of friends. Same locker as last year. At least I know what to do to get it open. Slap it at the top, knee it near the lock, do the combination, jerk open.
Joined Big Brothers Big Sisters.... One hour a week commitment... I can do that. I want to be a teacher, so it would be good experience.
Made a princess cross stitch locker ornament for a friend, gave it to her at registration. She thought it was great. Making a nemo one for a friend obsessed with Nemo. Have one to make myself as well.
Ok, so Toodles.


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