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04 November 2012

This blog is one for the history books.

I am retiring this blog...I'm never in this account anymore. If you want to continue to read posting by me, you can go to you'll find more of my musings there.

This blog has been a representation of a lot of things, mostly my thoughts and rants, the new one will be no different.

Come join me!


25 January 2012

An angel has received her wings.

A friend from high school passed away today. After a brain aneurysm, and several surgeries, her family made the best decision, and the decision that she would have wanted.

She has passed on, and I hope she is in heaven looking down upon us all, realizing how much she will be missed.

This is proof that life can become incredibly short incredibly quickly.

Rest in Peace Kayte Mosher

16 January 2012

Anyone know where all the time went?

I posted 4 times in 2011...Jeez. Ok, maybe this year I'll be better about blogging....maybe.
Anyway, I have the day off from school because of MLK day. I don't mind that so much I get to relax some, do homework, not change out of my pajamas. I do recognize the importance of the day, but seriously, I'm not the only college student who is enjoying the day off.

I've been thinking (yea I know scary)...this is my last semester...I'm graduating in June. I still gotta pass LDAC (which I will) then I'll be an LT. But damn, it's been 4 years! Where did the time go?....Am I ready?

Well I guess I'm gonna have to be.

14 January 2012

Welcome to 2012, please take your seats the show will commence shortly

Yep, it's a new year. It's always the new year, new you thing...well really its the old you trying to make you better. Yea...see...not as much fun is it? Did you think you were reborn as a completely new person after you woke up from being passed out from your champagne induced coma? No. You are not a butterfly, you will not sit in a chrysalis for a period of however many hours you are passed out for and emerge the pinnacle of health, morals, and whatever else you want to add to it. Trust me, the torn dress, worn out make up, mussed up hair all agree with me. (For those of you who made decent decisions on new years...this still applies)... I give credit to those who make resolutions (I being one of an extent) but you will receive no accolades from me unless you make it through February (or longer ) on that goal...and its a goal, not a resolution. Set goals for yourself....don't resolve yourself to be better, set goals to be better...somehow it makes you feel better on the inside.

This year is gonna be a good one, or at least better than the last.

Shrimp kabobs....

11 October 2011

So it's about 1215 in the morning, I've had a bunch of caffeine and I need a break from Constitutional Law.

I don't really have anything great to report, I'm attempting the Norwegian Ruck march which is 18.6 miles! Other than that, school, ROTC, and the usual emotional WTH that usually comes with my life.

I have to go back to LDAC...yay me. The hardest part is going to be keeping my motivation up when I'm there...Next will be confidence in my land nav skills. MAJ H says I have a lack of confidence he's never seen before; probably true. I am working to improve it, and I think I'm making process...I think a lot of it stems from the insanity of my relationship....I'm building myself back up, but am I a better person for it or not?

I got accepted for a spot in EOD school, as long as I branch Ordnance....god I want active duty and i'll probably shoot for OD and get it I'm thinking. It's not a widely requested branch. Everyone is joking with me because I want to diffuse bombs and I'm not exactly the most graceful around...I think I'll be ok. Everytime someone has said that I couldn't do it or I may not make it I always seem to do exactly the opposite....this time won't be that much different.

I need a flippin hobby....well i need time to do one of the ones I have...that's never gonna happen. I wonder if it would allow me to relax though... the answer is probably yes.

Anyway, I gotta get this Con Law done, unless it magically did itself....I'm not that lucky

29 August 2011

LDAC is an experience, but it is one I have to repeat unfortunately. Land nav got the best of me and therefore I have to go back to "Atropia". The plus side I picked up a minor in English now, pretty exciting...

School has started again, first day of the second week was today...nothing special just school. We have a new PMS, I haven't quite figured out how I feel about him yet. Change is good, and I've been told never to compare one to the other it will either be immense disappointment or immense satisfaction.

Mom is moving back to Iowa, but that's another story.

My personal life is a mess, but that's about normal now....Just when things were getting better, I guess I'm confused and not sure what I want from all of that.

I have a dog now!!! He's a bull terrier named Hawkeye (after the M*A*S*H character) Hes an awesome dog, pretty smart too. I'm really glad I got him!

03 June 2011

A new chapter

Yep, its that time. I leave for LDAC soon, nervous and excited at the same time. I'm also single, yep that's right, and truth be told I'm better off. What I thought was there never actually was, well maybe at one point. He was right in the fact that it was merely convenient for him...hence why after less than two months after we broke up he was with somebody else and basically engaged. It was never real, but a friend of mine told me to embrace these words "not my problem" and its not.
I was very upset that it ended, I was upset that I wasn't good enough, but then I learned things, and I saw a lot of red flags that I should have seen before. LP breaking up with me was for the better, I do hope he is happy now and wish no ill will towards him...just glad he's gone and that I'm moving on.

I wish to extend thanks to my friends, family, and those who have helped through all of this (mentors of sorts). Some I should have listened to a long time ago, others I am listening to now. They have been there for me through a lot, to pick up the pieces, and to help piece me back together, to give advice even if I may not have wanted it and when I've asked for it. Without them I'd never gotten out of the downward spiral I was in. I'm out of it now, and walk around with a smile, my head a little higher, and my heart a lot less in pain.

I'm also starting my senior year of college this year, and my final year of ROTC. I commission next year as a Second Lieutenant hopefully as an Ordnance officer on active duty. Completing this program and getting to where I am on a professional level is truly one of my best accomplishments, and that is something no one is going to try and say otherwise to me.

I will try to get better about posting, but I doubt it.