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20 August 2005

Last weekend before school. No rest for the wicked.
Time to shine the brass again.... Color Guard Monday , early am, beach party monday night, Tuesday, decisions... what am I to wear to school on Wednesday??????
Why do they start school in the middle of the week? It doesn't make sense.
Don't forget there is always hair decisions too...... I'll probably just ask Mom.
With JROTC uniform days, those decisions are made. I like those days, not to mention I look really good in class A's. Why can't there be more uniform days.....
But hey Mom got the website done ( now its just gotta go to the school to get uploaded ) , and the newsletter ( first one of the year always seems so... empty ) and the cafe shop ( I have to have a teddy bear or two, wonder how long mom will hold out before getting all the coffee mugs )
Made the decision to have birthday party at the beach, mom just needs to call them back and confirm so I can print my invitations.
Got all my school supplies, back in July... Had to beat the rush and get first picks.. Didn't want the leftovers. New backpack.. I am so hard on backpacks.. went thru 4 last year.. Might also be helpful if they didn't end up weighing 50-60 lbs... Is that even healthy for us kids??? Also might help if I use my locker more. But then again, Im not the only one... Gonna be a rash of hunchbacked people in 20 years.....But its good practice for carrying the ruck in raiders.....
New calculator, and no the dog didn't eat the old one.. Not sure why it didnt want to do cosine , tangents, etc . guess it just got cranky.
Well, more Monday...


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