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26 August 2005

Third day... Went well. Platoon SGT for 5th hour. Oh yeah!! 500 word essay on ME for English.. Can't she just read my blog???? Had to write a "my life" time line for history.... Dance tonight... Breaking in a brand new math teacher..or at least the Freshman are....Raiders starts Thursday morning 0600.. hooah... Flag etiquette same day at elementary school... No flags practice for marching band... First game a week from tonight. Tuesday should be interesting, it's the first PE day in JROTC ( and no, contrary to popular belief I will NOT be wearing "Puerto Rican Fence Climbers" ) Today we started teaching Let 1's how to do Attention, Parade Rest, Stand at Ease, At Ease , Rest, Present Arms.. Captain didn't want them to learn facing movements yet. ( Doesn't want them in the river as he puts it ) . Got everyone set up into their the looks of it, we are gonna have to have a 4th squad. Oh well.
Oh ok... if anyone knows.... Why do THEY ( and you know who you are ) stare at me??? It's a bit creepy....
When someone figures it out, let me know.... Please and thank you.
All for now....
Seeeee ya.....


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