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29 August 2005

It's the first full week of school...yaaay... In JROTC today I had to help teach all the new people D&C (and some of the old people). Its going..well..except for those who think left is right and right is left, but me and the platoon leader will have them all straightened out..... In the class I TA for there is a kid who just jumps instead of trying to pivot... We had Orientation tonight, my parents and I were practically the only ones in most of my classes... WOW!!! I have Raiders practice Thursday at 0600.... Awesome... I also have a flag etiquette class to go help teach at one of the elementary schools on friday.. I get to wear my uniform....YES! After that I just have to start getting ready for the first football game of the season (including the clean-up after the game.)
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