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06 July 2006


I am really sorry, I have had stuff to do!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, schools out since the sixth. I went to Chicago with family and part-time sister, saw 7th Heaven (the band, not the show), went to see CPT K, and talked to him about college, he says that I need to pull my ACT score up a few points (no big right!). We took the sister on the grand food tour, Mama Lunas, Shooters, street fairs, Caribou Coffee, and many more. Then there was the Lincoln Park Zoo, Sears Tower Skydeck. Then it was home by 2am... We almost made it through without badged people, but we just had to say hi (She says sarcastically)!!!! After that, I have been working at a french restaurant. I had those blood sucking vampires after me (i.e. my BN had a blood drive and they got me in the chair.... thanks CPT S).
I leave in about a week for Washington D.C. for my seminar thing on National Security in a Democracy. Aug 4-6 is another trip to Chicago, lets hope the trip with the boyfriend has no badged people (crosses fingers behind back). After that I have to get ready to go back to school. Oh and for those keeping score at home, I am the BN Executive Officer, for those who are chain of command challenged that means I am second in command of the BN.
I think thats all

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