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29 December 2005

Bad blogger

You know what its not my fault that I have a lot to do. Lets see there's unarmed regulation, unarmed exhibition, color guard, armed regulation, basketball color guards, the holidays, break, going to the YMCA with brother and friend that is also the S-1. Hey, in a nutshell, thats my life. Our first drill meet is in January, our cadet ball is in February. Until then I get to put up with the lovely drama of high school......WOOHOO...... Oh and I got my ears pierced for CHRISTMAS, no sign of infection or problems so thats a good sign. Brother got Axis and Allies for CHRISTMAS and made me play with him, I played, but I do not like the game its long and monotonous, but I have basically given him the hint that I dont want to play for a long time. My best friend is coming on New Years Day so is my other "brother" and maybe his parents. In the words of the brothers, "the crazy sisters are getting together" all I have to say to them is: I have good aim with a remote. Anyways all for now.
Have a good new year
see you on the other side


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