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13 January 2007

Drill Meet cancelled

Yep, the Council Bluffs Drill Meet was cancelled. Here is how the week began:
Chief comes up to practice and says that the weather is supposed to get really bad by the weekend. He says he will make the determination on whether or not we were going to go by noon on friday, because it was a noon out. Well, friday arrives and the weather is just rainy, little ice, thats about it. Noon...1215 to be exact: Chief comes from his office, and says that the school in Council Bluffs cancelled their meet and is planning to reschedule due to a water main breaking and flooding the school. The school also runs on the boiler system, so there would be no heat or water in the school. So we did not have to make a weather call!!!!! So now our first drill meet is 10FEB in Smith-Cotton. So we have a little more time!!!! Thats all for now. By the way.... They said snow and ice by saturday.. so.... WHERE IS IT??????
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