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18 November 2006

whoops.... I meant to do that.

Ok, so I have been busy with lots of stuff!!!!!!! There is drill team every morning at, well its early, then there is Chiefs thing (a PT deal) and Marksmanship after school. Not to mention school and somewhere in there sleep!!!!
Anyways, Steak Night was last night (friday), that was exciting, then the other sis came to stay the weekend because the parentals went to Texas to see a football game. However, on the way home we stopped to get some bread, we send in the cracker, with money, to get bread, he gets bread, he pays, he leaves..... (WITHOUT THE BREAD), he realizes, "I have no bread" turns to go back and the clerk catches him and gives him the bread. I believe thats minus 50 brain cells and the tamborine for the rest of the year!!!!!!! Not much else, see you soon...ish.... I swear... really!!!
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