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23 August 2006

First Day of School..... a few weeks later!!!!

Nothing real exciting, but here is the low down
1st hour- Chemistry... Teacher- very interesting... Class- Shouldnt be to bad
2nd hour- JROTC- just the usual threat briefing
Advisory- (first of all it is a waste of time) "This is advisory, this is what we do get over it"
3rd hour- Parlez-vous francais anyone?
4th hour- Yipppeeee lets learn about the economy......... Social Security, Inflation, Stock market crashes, whoppeee dooo.
5th hour- Back to JROTC
6th hour- CP English, the whole welcome to the class thing
7th hour- Geometry same thing

All right, I know I know, I am slow, but get over it. In other news, Raiders- uh well lets say thats not going well. Drill starts in October. My birthday is in about 2 1/2 or 3 weeks, (the 27th).
I have COTM board wednesday after school, first one of the year, oh boy. Everyone is taking bets on how many will show. Well more later.
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