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15 January 2007

School cancelled too

its Monday Jan. 15 and there is no school today. Its actually worth saying because there is enough snow and ice on the ground, however, if there wasnt I would be sitting here thinking, "What the heck?" Anyways, tomorrow I have to go to school, get my uniform, get all my work from all my classes, etc. Then after school, I come home, finish getting ready to leave, and head for Chicago. I have a scholarship review board type thing for the ROTC scholarship. Tomorrow is the start of 2nd semester and I have American Govt. Im thinking that PC is gonna come in handy. Mom and I went to see Night at the Museum while Dad watched the Bears game, that movie was so cute. Robin Williams plays a Teddy Roosevelt statue, Bill Cobbs, Dick Van Dyke, and Mickey Rooney play old night security guards. Ben Stiller plays the guy who takes the job, and at the museum where everything comes to life at night because of this tablet thingy. Anyways it was cool, go see it.
and Happy Feet!!!!!!!!!!!


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