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27 January 2007

This years cadet ball dress is here!!!!!!

I ordered this dress less than a month ago from CoCo Myles the dress is absolutely gorgeous. On the site you can design how you want the dress to look, what kind of beading you want if any, shawl or no shawl, long sash, short sash, or no sash. I love this site because you can design it the way you want. Anyways, this dress is a wine color with "royalty" beading, a black sash, and a wine shawl to match. I have a scoop neck with a ballroom skirt that goes straight to the floor, its a size four and fits wonderfully! Like I said I ordered it less than a month ago with rush on it and it got here yesterday (Friday) They told me that they would send it on thursday, I didnt think they would overnight it. IF you call after business hours and leave a message, they will call you back within 24 hrs. The customer reps are very helpful with the order and they email you a confirmation of purchase, and they send you a message when they are going to send it.
Anyways, with the dress I am going to wear a pair of black 2 1/2''- 3'' shoes with a little bow.
Jewelry and hair is still under construction, but hey thats ok.
Also guess what, I'm getting promoted to major, I ma the BC and DB is getting promoted to 2lt for PLT LDR
and happy feet.


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