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19 February 2007

4 day weekend

The cadet ball was on friday. It went well, set up started at 8:45am we were done by about 1130. I came home did some stuff on the internet and at about 1pm Mom and I started my hair, (ok actually, I took my shower at 1 but hey it works). After we got my hair done, I waited til 445 to start putting my makeup on, I went and put my dress on ( whoever invented pantyhose needs to be shot) Dorkboyfriend showed up a little early, but thats ok. The night went well, food wasnt real great, guest speaker was worse, the slide show was decent in pictures, captions not so much, the dance was pretty good. Heres some pictures:

From left to right: The S1 and me before the ball, am I really tall or is she really short? you decide! Sister 2 and me in the picture line dancing, mom said, "this one is going to my mother" we both stopped, posed, and went back to dancing, that amused our AI's fiancee. Dorkboyfriend standing behind me, before we went into the dance. Over all it was pretty good.
In other news, its a four day weekend because of Presidents Day. UNO is next sunday, we have Armed Regulation, Unarmed Regulation, 2 color guard teams, hopefully no armed exhibition we are not ready.
All for now!
and penguins


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