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20 March 2007

Spring Break

Spring break started on Friday, we went to Bellevue on Saturday (more on that later), I have practice for Drill and for PT all week, and the Mr. B is in town. Spring break will be over before you know it.
Anyway, the drill meet....... Where do I start!!??
0330- Dorkboyfriend and I arrive at the high school
0350- I get everything loaded on the bus, take attendance, and get everyone on the bus.
0400- we take off
about 0815- we arrive at Bellevue, CW4 gets us up to the classroom takes us in and tells us we don't start until 1240!! The reason we start so late you ask? They forgot to put us on the list, so they had to squeeze us in all day.
1240- Armed Reg- my team- We get on the floor, we do the routine, get off and think that we did really good.
1250 (or close to) we have to go straight from Armed to Unarmed Reg. That goes really well
After Unarmed Reg_ we have until 1540 til oclor guard team A. We all go around and chill watch some other schools.
1540- Team A goes on. We do really good, the only thing that went wrong was Sis 2 almost lost her rifle, and I was behind on the present arms.
We leave the ring and hand the flags to team b ( again they were right after each other)
They go on and do really good!
Fast foward to IDD final and awards ceremony.
IDD final- S4, S3, and me all are in finals. We all are doing really good... until they call cover and the s4 and I put our left hands up, when they were saying it was right hand ( Come to find later it is the left). S3 gets out for not aligning to the right.
Awards ceremony- We didnt place, but boy did we come close, the closest one being 4 points!!!
We leave the meet get on the bus stop get some Burger King, then head home. When we hit Eddyville I had people start calling their parents to be picked up. We get to the school at about 1145, everyone was gone within 10 min. I head home and went to bed. This saturday is Council BLuffs, I think we will be okish!!!!
Well Thats all for now.
and light bulbs
P.S. HAPPY FEET IS COMING OUT SOON. I am patiently waiting (*twitch twitch*)


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