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30 August 2005

Ok..Day 5?? No Day 6.... Ahh forget it!
Today we had the first PT day of the year.... It went rather well, except for cetain glass objects getting broken (I didn't do it!!!). After we finished PT we had a LET 1 cadet recite the cadet creed for promotion, he did very well for only getting 24 hrs to learn it. I am going to talk to my Platoon leader about putting this LET 1 up for cadet of the month, I think it would be a good choice I just have to discuss it with the PL. We had to teach everyone how to do a PT formation today, and the PL didnt know the commands,but he does now...I think, a lot of cadets were having trouble with what to do, but I think they got it now.
Now for the funny story of the day............
It was in between 6th and 7th hour....I was outside taking down flags.... came inside to put the flags away and get my stuff and go to math.... The instructor was not there he had left.... I find a teacher who has a master key to get in the classroom, he unlocks the door I put the flags away, BUT my stuff is in the office that is locked.. For the next 20 minutes I wander around trying to find someone with the key to the office... I come across the asst. principal and the principal.. who have the key.. YES....I go into the office and get my stuff and go the the last 15/20 minutes of class..... The moral of the story is..... DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRAPPER IN THE OFFICE... The End.
(C'mon laugh, you know you want to!!!)


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