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28 September 2005

My secret pal emailed me... this is gonna be so much fun.. and I got one to pamper too!
So this weekend is CRAZY. Tomorrow, homecoming parade... marching in color guard. Friday, kiddie parade...marching in color guard.... then the homecoming game... marching in color guard for pregame and flag squad for marching band at halftime. Saturday, Oktoberfest parade in the am, marching in color guard... pm is my birthday party at the Beach ( its a waterpark ) ...
Grandparents coming in too... Gonna play full contact twister...
Week has gone well, we ran the 10k in Raiders on Saturday. I did it in 1:07:33 ... Ok so I was doggin it now and again. I walked on occasion.. Bn Commander did it in 58 and XO in 1:05... GIRL POWER!!!!! S-3 did it in 1:08
APFT at Raider practice tomorrow, and Rockwall in class...WOO HOO
Well, 6am comes early...
Night all, Night SP !!!
Peace , Love and Shrimp Kabobs !


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