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25 October 2005

Ok ok ok

One of these days I will get back to posting everyday, I just have to get there! I am going to a raider challenge this weekend and I think I am actually competing this time. one word...........YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Drill Team practices should start within the next two weeks.... AWESOME!!! I am planning on going out for Unarmed Reg, Armed Reg, Unarmed Exhibition, and maybe even Color Guard. It seems like it will be alot, but I am prepared. I also joined my schools FEA (Future Educators of America) I think I will be the photographer for it which will be cool. I also am applying for the S2/4 position or the assistant which ever the new instructor decides (if I get the position). On the 5th of November I get to be in a fashion show for a local clothing store which ought to be fun.
My brother and I have taken to doing the dance of the cards and dress, because the cards still have not arrived and the dress keeps going on backorder. The dance goes something like bow up bow down while jumping and saying ay ay ay ay ay oh ay ay oh!!!! lets hope it works.
Anyways, I think thats everything so... Bye.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I have to say reading about JROTC brought back some memories of being the S1 in high school while dad was stationed in Germany. I loved being in JROTC, but didn't join when I moved to Georgia. It's all Navy JROTC & I remember being horrified by the lack of discipline at my new school. Even though I ultimately decided not to join the military, it was still one of the best experiences I've had.

Keep up the good work ;-)


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