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11 October 2005

Bad Blogger !Sheesh, ok, so, I could say it isn't my fault, but it is.Things have been crazy. I am prepping for the ACT's with S3, I had my birthday party ( It was awesome ! ) I did 3 parades and a Football game the same weekend as my party, and we got our new AI. We chained him to the desk his first day at the last period so he couldn't leave. Captain gave him a pillow and blanket, Mom gave him a Teenager survival kit that had pain reliever, tums, grecian formula, a coloring book, and relax cd's and a bottle of relax bubble bath.
I am knitting a panda bear sleeper for a friend's new baby. Almost done, seems not going as fast as usual, but that's probably lack of time. I wanna buy a bag of the Creme Brulee on sale in the back cover of one of the catalogues I get, but OOPS, can't remember which one it is. Want to say it's knitpicks.
Boyfriend grounded for not cleaning room, big "brother" ( best friend ) broke up with girlfriend.
Gonna send my SP her first prezzie next week, was gonna do it this last week but I barely had time to eat. ( sleep?? What's sleep? ), So it's decided.
Raider's is going ok, Drill team ( YESSS ) should be starting soon, and I quit flags for marching band. ( just wasn't fun anymore )
Think the brother's and I are gonna go visit our old AI at his new school Friday since we don't have school. ( We get a lot of "Inservice" Days and "Early out" Days.
Well more tomorrow.


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