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17 October 2005


Only took how long to figure out where they hide the Show Title button..
Well the Cadet Challenge was this week and I did the mile in 8:30 .. shaved 45 seconds off last year, and well, ok, I could have done better. Brother got 7:20 something. Battalion Commander was at 8:01 and I was in top 5 in my class period. ( want to say I was 4th, but not certain )
Studying for the ACT's. Not as hard as people make em out to be. Well, ok, let's be honest, I haven't tried the math part yet. I'm gonna take them Dec 10th.
Knitting slow today. Play practice tonight ( School is doing a watered down, edited, shortened version of Midsummer Night's Dream ) I'm not in it. Drama doesnt interest me, but I like to go watch the boyfriend, he is Oberon. Hopefully finish a pair of black dress socks tonight.
Need to add the panda to my photo album.
Well, off to watch my school .... errr... um.... butcher Shakespeare.
Peace , Love and Rib Eye Steak


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