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23 November 2005


It's 3 going on 4 months and me and the brother are in the bickering stage. Now I'm still learning proper sibling etiquette, but this is a good thing right? So far we have argued about:
my overachieving
the fact that he should not cook
how I "aim" with a remote
how to answer english questions on the ACT's
Magic (mostly decks)
and other stuff that I cant think of right now.
We started exhibition at the last drill practice, which was funny because the first few parts of the routine we lost all the guys, in a matter of 10 minutes all the guys were gone!!!!!!! Now my next challenge is getting the exhibition commander to stand still long enough to show her an idea that I have for exhibition. Brother suggested that I grab her by the shoulders and tell her to stand still and waaatch (is that really going to work?). Anyways, I am now the platoon leader and have been promoted to C/2Lt. Oh and I am taking the ACT's in dec. woohoo.
I am strong in English and reading maybe science FORGET Math.
Brother is strong in Science, Math, Reading, and some of the English.
I think one of the harder parts of the test will be the writing portion, but we'll see what happens.
love and
play the tambourine (nevermind)


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