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10 July 2006

Hey People

I'm trying here.... its not easy to keep up with this thing... Anyways... yeah!!!!!!
Did you know that the word "yeah" used at any point during a sentence can describe whatever object or action you are talking about at that time. For example: "I was walking down the street and... yeah." In this sentence it is easy to figure out that something painful (i.e. running into light posts, tripping on a crack in the sidewalk, etc.) has occured to this person. That is how it is used to describe an action. Now if you were to use it to describe an object, there are many ways to use it in this sense, it all depends on what type of object you are describing.

Anyways, thats not what I am here about. I am here to tell you about the plans of the next two weeks of my life.............

Monday- Watch the teen center with mom while pregnant lady tries to have a child
Tuesday- Go up and do some stuff at JROTC
Wednesday- Retry tuesdays plans if they dont work out, Raiders possibly, and start getting ready to leave
Thursday-REALLY start getting ready to leave for my trip
Friday- Go to DSM and Go to DC for National Security in a Democracy
Saturday- sign in at seminar
Sunday-Saturday- Seminar
Saturday- come home
Sunday- Unpack and relax
Monday- I have no clue yet, but I'll get back you.

I thinks thats it so... yeah
Bye all
and blonde insanity


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