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26 April 2007

the 5 question tag

The point of this I don't know, but for those who do... here is the answers to the ones given to me

1. When did you decide and what made you decide you want to be a teacher (after the military career)? When, I'm not sure. What, I guess seeing how teachers are an impact on society.

2. You can sit down and chat with anyone, living or dead.. who and what would you want to talk about? The former Secretary of the Army to see what the heck he was thinking

3. Would you rather be broke and happy or wealthy and unhappy and why ?(and no, wealthy and happy isnt a choice) Broke and Happy. I would rather be broke and have a boring, but happy, life than a few moments of excitement and a lifetime of not really being who I am, essentially, if i were wealthy I wouldnt exist.

4. When you have to work with someone or in a group, what is your biggest pet peeve that aggravates you? That I cant go with the ideas i think are best.

5. Absolute best ice cream and flavor?
best ice cream.... i dont know. Flavor.... Black Cherry, or butterscotch.

For those interested, THe raider team is going to St. Joes MO and the drill team went to North last week. All teams except mine placed (no big though)


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Lady Wyvern said...

Um, you placed.. unarmed, remember?


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