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08 June 2007


The last day of school was Tuesday, nothing real exciting there. The next day I have to go to W. DM to get my allergy test/ consult/ whatever. They determine that I need the test for bee stings, but the doctor wont do the test unless he has authorization to doo all tests from the Army. The army gave him permission to do the bee sting, but he doesnt want to do one now and the rest later. SO I have to go back Monday. So far this is my summer schedule:
allergy appointment #1
Classroom/staff office clean up
allergy appointment #2
Raiders practice
Flag Day color guards
Go to Chicago for Senior Pics
Blood drive
Corn detassling
Summer Camp
Now, all of this leads to the first week of August, school starts the 3rd week or so.
Thats the update for now, see ya all later.
and Pingouins


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