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29 April 2007

The Raider Challenge

So, there was a raider challenge it was fun , The C130 was awesome, the competition part was cool. Well here look at pictures ( it could be worse there could be a slide show and not a fancy one either, one of those ones that go click everytime you change the slide) On the whole it was cool.

Click the pics for zoom in

This is us at Burger King on Friday. All Smiles.. For now!!!

Whit on the way to the C130.

The team (minus Wilson, he was on a different plane) on the C130.

Richard attempting to fulfill his childhood dream. Unfortunately the airforce wanted their equipment back.

An attempt at playing BS, but we couldnt keep track of who was what number.

Knot tying practice... Ok for the last time, LEFT OVER RIGHT, RIGHT OVER LEFT!!!!

APFT Time... Doesnt he look like a little chipmunk?!
Me doing Situps. The guy holding my feet did 107, I did 61 (personal best)

No real close up shots of the 2 mile so lets get to the rest of the day. However we did help Buddha run in at the last part, Gotta hand it to him he tries more than any of us.

Right before the course, dont we all look so happy???!!!

Im splinting Dorks arm (However, I would have been happy to leave him there with a broke arm)

Really??? We can move on???? No Way????

Damn Humvee anyways. Why did we have to put it on the wet muddy grass, instead of on the dry gravel???

Thumbs up... yippee I know how to tie a bowline.

Kudos to mom for steering and taking a pic at the same time. Anyways one word...10k... Enough said

Rope Bridge, its the best event of the day.

There are a lot more pics, but Im out of room. After this the pics stopped because dork got sick and we did not want to put that in the history books. Plus we decided it was time to go home.


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