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02 July 2007

I have a bead!!!!!

Mom saw something shiny on the floor, and I picked it up... It was a clear glass bead with silver in the middle. It now sits in front of the computer helping decide what to write!!! So this month is full of excitement!!! So here is a semi-rundown of whats going on:
The 4th- Im possibly going to some thingy with DB, then going to the fireworks with Mom and Dad.
The 5th- Cain and I are going to see Chief and begin the process of painting.
The 6th- Raiders practice
Sometime around the 20th- Corn Detassling begins
the 27th- Ted Nugent and 7th Heaven are playing in Chicago (thats a tentative for us)
The 30th- Camp begins
Then we enter august. We have already received the paperwork and what not for school.
School is usually the third wednesday in August, but who knows.

As I sit here the bird eats an oatmeal cookie, and the shiny bead still remains!!!!!!
Thats all for now.
and shiny bead.


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