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02 August 2008

It's been awhile!

Yes, I know... Bad Blogger. Get over it. I am a very busy person, so lets get this started shall we?

I begin college on the 25th of August. A new chapter in my life that is exciting, but scary at the same time. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome place to be, but come on everyone gets those weird jittery feelings about new stuff. The funniest part about all of this is that the undergrad population of UIC is roughly the same as Ottumwa!!! My graduating class is the same as the student population of OHS.
I can't wait to get to Chicago, but at the same time... in a weird sort of way I will miss Ottumwa. Ok, ok, not the town itself, but the people I have met in it. I don't think I would be the person I am today if weren't for some of the things I have experienced here. I guess one can some it up to me being a sentimental freak who can't always have that military bearing about her.

I went to JCLC this past week, and as usual I have no voice, and am tired as heck!!
I had an awesome time, only minor injuries!!!! Got to be in a company with some very awesome people!! It's sad to see it end just like every year, but I realize I am going on to bigger things and that maybe it isn't so bad.... but on the other hand when almost the every cadet hugs you, every instructor shakes your hand (and two hug you, neither of them being ottumwa instructors), it makes you realize that maybe this was one of the biggest things in your life that you could have done.

I know this seems really sentimental and gushy, but hey you can't tell me that you haven't had the same moment in your life too. I am not that stone cold military bearing, dig in the dirt, one of the guys girl all the time. I have the right to be a girly girl and gosh darn time I please... As long as it suits the Army's schedule!!!

Anyway, working at a daycare has been kind of cool, the boss is easy to get along with, the kids aren't to bad either. It can also be kind of fun. Now, staying in the fifth wheel at your place of work can be cool too. The commute is long as hell though. I mean there is cricket to cricket traffic. The gnomes and frogs just sit around and play cards and drink coffee (ok, its their lawn ornaments). However, things I have observed here:
  • They don't like it if you forget to put the little knob thing down in the shower!
  • CoCo is a moose not a dog.
  • The children that live here like to try and steamroll you, even though they know that you know the rules!!!
  • Things can get creepy real fast. Real easy.
  • Its really friggin cold in the "bat cave" (basement)
  • I will get picked on if it is 80 some degrees outside and I am walking around the house with sweatshirt jacket on!
  • When a creek goes out say good bye to playground toys!!
  • I can successfully assist with the roofing of an addition without falling off, to include helping haul the shingles!
  • I am an easy target for puppet attacks.
  • Do not assume that you have copy of the key because in fact you have Chiefs key and have subsequently locked him out of the house when going with Robin and the boys to The Beach!!
  • There is a difference between AE cows and Hyvee cows.
  • Eggs come from a box.
There is obviously more, but thats the main points.


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