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19 July 2007

Corn has a bad day.

Ok, well the corn didn't, but the humans did.
So today was day 4 of corn detassling, and it was raining.....bad.... but we keep going. Our tractor thing gets stuck in the mud, then it breaks down, meaning we have to walk the rest of the row in ankle deep mud (or worse). We get to the end and they say we have to wait (side note: we= me, dork, MA, RK, JC, MP, RM, and some other kid.) for another tractor.... We wait for an hour. Meanwhile another one breaks down and causes the other group to walk. We are now down to three tractors going through a very large field.

Its lunchtime... They say that if your food is in a car then go get the car and eat from there.... Dork has lost his keys in the field. He has to go home and get his spare, they make him wait til the other group heads home.... 15 mins before we were done.... So we get done, and RM and MP get on the bus and go home, me, JC, MA, RK all wait at the car for Dork.
MA and I go to where we think the key are and look, meanwhile, RK finds a small screwdriver and tries to open the trunk (where all our stuff was) it broke off. So we begin to work our way through the seat, and get JCs phone, one problem... NO SIGNAL. Dork finally shows, completely pissed, just to get more pissed , because he cant open his trunk. We get to his house he gets the trunk open I call mom, she comes and gets me and the other three, and dork goes to Happy Joes for work.

Doesnt that sound like a fun day?!

All that aside, corn detassling isnt that bad, but when its raining it kind of sucks. Camp is one weelk from monday! We are supposed to be done with Cork detassling by then, if not I dont care Im going to camp.
Well I feel better...ish.
and the burning of corn.


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