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25 July 2007

The corn detassling saga is over

So corn detassling is over for me, because I am going to Chicago tomorrow to see Ted Nugent and 7th Heaven play together. So here is how it works:
I get up at 0430 get dressed, put my lunch together, put sunscreen and bug spray on, eat some breakfast, then go wait for my ride (i.e. the dork).

I then arrive at the hydro where we wait for the others that are riding with us to arrive. After that we head to the North Hyvee for the morning count.

After that, we follow the bus to the field and begin the day. However, there was 2 days we took the bus, one was the first day, the other was one day when DB didnt have enough gas.

Now for the entertaing parts of this farmer brown adventure:

There was one morning where the others thought we were running late so one decides to call my house at 0522 in the morning and wake my parents up... Imagine their joy.

Then there was the day that DB "lost" his keys... Which actually ended with The One Who Doesn't Always Think Things Through having them (3 days later).

The next day DB got his car stuck in a ditch, not to mention just about everyone else did too (including the bus)

Mr. M fell in a ditch,

In the end there was sunburn, a really nice pair of safety glasses, a tan line from said safety glasses, and the realization that:
1. I like corn when Im eating it, not anytime else
2. I am never going to pick another tassle again
3. Corn detassling machines are like screwed up off roaders
4. Corn tassles make good projectiles to throw at those who make me mad!!!

and Farmer Brown


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