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10 November 2008

Coloring books are for anyone!

Yes it is true that even at the age of 19 or 30 (you know who you are!!!) that coloring books can make life just a little better! When your day is just a little hectic there is nothing wrong with pulling out the colored pencils, the coloring book, and sitting on the floor.
The only difference between our younger years and older years is that we are slightly more organized, we organize the colors in order of the rainbow, we stay with in the lines, we have more complex designs to color, and our concept of how colors go together is more advanced!!

Yes, I can honestly say that I color, and I see no problems with it. When you have 8 small ones, that seem to come out of the wood work, its good to pick up the book open it and just color the first thing you see.

It is a great stress reliever, it lets you put your thoughts into color.

But above all... Dammit, its just plain fun!!!!! Why the heck do you think we all did it at a young age, it certainly was not because we were learning something.

Ok, random yes, but very very true!!


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