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03 June 2009

Things I've learned.... Haven't we been here before?

Yes, I'm pretty sure we have, but come on you can't tell me you didn't get a kick out of the first installment. At any rate here goes:
  • Color Guard in Chicago is not Color Guard in Ottumwa
  • 3/4 is bigger than 1/8... or is it the other way around
  • Thing is neither a technical nor tactical term, nor is there.
  • Teachers from foreign countries are very hard to understand, especially in french
  • A stress fracture sucks.
  • MRI's are the reason claustrophobia exists
  • The Illinois flag will try and fall off the pole at the worst possible times
  • Flag poles and chandeliers do not go well together
  • The CTA is often times more reliable then the intercampus shuttle
  • I have become more experienced in acronym courtesy of UIC and ROTC
  • After 3 days in the field, then in a tightly packed van, the 3 day no shower smell gets to be a little more powerful.
  • You haven't had an interesting birthday til you spent it on an FTX learning 1st aid, and weapons assembly and disassembly.
  • College kids get at least a month of winter break.
  • Even though there is a sign at restaurant that says please use other door, I will always try the door with the sign.
  • Crash Bandicoot is awesome, but its also the only game I'm good at.
  • My hand/eye coordination still sucks
  • I have actually found someone that dances worse than me
  • When moving out of the parents, one must consolidate ones things. However, I still ended up with a lot of stuff!
  • I am still a blonde/ ditz
  • I am further proof that not all snowflakes are symmetrical
  • Cars can still operate if their gas caps are open
  • High heels are still my friend, right down to the "pair" hanging in my living room
  • My family and friends enable my penguin obsession
  • There is people in my school who know people in Ottumwa
  • Basketball is contact sport, mostly my face with the ball
  • Me + coffee= HYPER
  • I'm still the future of the US Army.... that should still scare you.
  • For some reason I'm not allowed to have sharp objects for extended periods of time
  • Pillars that hold up overpasses do not move, but they really really hurt.
  • I spin when I tread water
  • I still squeak, and I think it scares some people
  • My hair will get into places/things I've never been/seen
  • Due to the above statement a common phrase is "dammit sara/f***ing higgins"
  • Most of my friends are a year or more ahead of me, or they are at a different school
  • There are alternative pronunciations to Carnegie, frontier, and drought according to a certain history professor
  • The saying everyone has a twin, well I think most of Ottumwa's twins are here in Chicago
  • Romeoville nor the Chicago skyway are going to get me back to Iowa.
  • There is no Sonic in Chicago
  • There are days I wish I had a car, but my friends are eternally glad I do not, though I'm not sure why... I'm a decent driver.
  • There is some irony having a british teacher for an american literature class
  • I've changed some, but not much.. I'm still me only a little older.
  • I've learned to stay away from the vegetarian option at UIC cafeteria's
  • Staying away from UIC cafeteria's might not be a bad plan in general
  • I can't march, because I'm from Iowa
  • I apparently have an accent.
  • I'm ticklish as ever
  • bifurcated tree... thats all I'm sayin
  • Hooker Mountain actually exists.
I was looking for a way to sum up my freshman year... looks like I found it! Hope it makes you smile! :-)

Oh yea, I probably forgot some stuff but I know you will all add to it for me.


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