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02 September 2005

I am a backup for the football Color Guard tonight. I am going to "love" watching the band from above.
According to a class of second graders all the ribbons and medals mean that you are in charge(it was cute!). The flag etiquette class went well, we showed the kids how to fold the flag properly and let them try and fold it, then we showed them how to raise the flag on a pole. Raiders went pretty good, we did an APFT and I didnt do so hot, according to the S-3 I passed the pushups and situps. The 2 mile run didnt go to good I thought that I did all 8 laps and got a 1620, but then again I might have counted laps wrong. Either way a 1620 isnt bad right?????
Well I have to get ready for a football game tonight.
See y'alls later


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