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25 July 2006

Im Back

So I went to DC last week.... I saw and learned a lot of new things and visited old ones too. I also met a lot of new people from across the country and the world (i.e. Japan, you know who you are).
Anyways, we went to places such as the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, US Naval Academy, Arlington Nat'l Cemetary; we saw the changing of the guard, and a wreath laying ceremony for PC. We also visited many monuments, our caucus even took our picture with Einstein "wink wink" Anyways, we also had a lot of guest speakers, Frances Townsend, Congressman Chris Shays, two FBI Special Agents, The Director of the United States Marshalls, and a live teleconference with an LTC from the Green Zone in Baghdad. We also got to meet our Senators and Representitives and spend a day on Capitol Hill. The entire group got to participate in a simulation where each caucus was a different Dept. there was the Dept of Health and Human Services, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, Dept. of Energy (everybodys least favorite Dept.) Dept. of Homeland Security ( Heck yes we were the best!!!!!) and The Director of National Intelligence. It was the year 2010 and everything that could go wrong did. We wrote our policies in our PCCs (Policy Coordination Committee) Only one passed, go East Asia.
That was the business end of the stick.
The fun end of it:
Like I said I met a lot of new people from everywhere.. one from Westchester, PA who chugs a liter of soda at a restaurant, btw, Capitol Steps rock!!! anyways he also has an obsession with corn. One from Florida who will make one heck of a Secretary of HS, and is really good at playing BS!!! One who cant keep his top button done up. A girl who is in love with band aids on her feet!! A girl from Tennesee who seems to love the ER room, Dont forget the girl from MI who eats pizza when stressed. Shabang Shabang girl!!!! ( inside joke), theres also our boy from Japan who has an obsessin with "urinals" (ok it was a monument, but what the COL said was true) and everyones favorite, Caribou Boy!!!!!!! Well thats just some of the people I hung with for a week. We had a lot of fun together and are keeping in contact. Hope everyone has a great summer and school year. For my regular readers, I am trying to keep up with posting, but I am about to get really busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I will catch you all on the flip side.
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