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16 June 2009

Things always have a way of working out.

I have always said that and have heard it many times. However, each time I seem to not believe it, yet there is generally something going amuck in my life and then it finally balances out. Not quite in the timely manner I'd like it to, but it still does.

In other news...

I'm working a full time job and a semi part time job at the same time (how I do it I'm not entirely sure). I visit my grandparents the last week of July. I'm going to Iowa the day after I get back from my grandparents. Then I come back from there, go back to work for a week or so, then start getting ready for school to start. Along with all of that I've got a stress fracture on my right leg, I have to go to work with this ridiculous brace on all the time, I have to go to Physical Therapy, and I can't run or jump or really do any impact work until my doctor gives me the ok.

So yea, there's me in a nutshell.



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