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03 September 2005

The first football game was last night, the team did pretty good they won 20-0. Maybe I should back up to that morning at practice....... I get there for Color Guard practice because the S-3 told me to,who had me excused from the flag squad in marching band for this, even if I wasnt in the Guard..... The XO was there to bring equipment and help the commander of this Color Guard out, she told "Jekyl"(that is his nickname he has a "partner in crime" known as "Hekyl") that I should do it because I was pulled out of flags, but "Jekyl" said that he was in charge of the color guard and that he picked who he wanted........ Fast forward to that night... I show up extremely early, in uniform, for the Color Guard just in case someone was very late, but as it turns out they all showed up on time so I go and pull the fastest change of uniform ever and meet the band for pregame right as they are about to march around the track and play the school song... All in all the Color Guard did well... Fast foward even more to after Halftime ( the show was pretty good) I catch Hekyl and Jekyl with their berets tucked up under their shoulder board and two extracurricular cords on, one on each shoulder, I shout down the stands to tell them to remove their berets from their shoulder boards but they refused, the S-3 tells them to remove 'em and they tell him that they dont care. So by this point, me and the S-3 give up and continue on with the evening.
Now its the end of the game everybody has left and we have fallen in for cleanup.... Each squad has their assignments of where to clean and are sent on their way. I get done what I need to go and help on the other side of the field to see what needs to be done over there... I partner up with a friend and we go up and down the bleachers with a bag between us and pick up all the garbage that people just threw around... we get to an area in between the band and student bleachers, where people claimed they cleaned and we found 3 pop bottles, 2 nacho trays, 4 other pieces of garbage, and there was people just standing around doing nothing. Afterwards the OIC generously gives us 2 hrs in community service and then dismisses us.. After cleanup me and a different friend go to the "block party" well actually it was a gathering of people and a couple people were trying to rap but did not know the words, and one band tryed to do AC/DC and was very high pitched.
I am going to scare everyone on Tuesday and wear a skirt, and I am going to wear it with the Puerto Rican fence climber shoes, just because I can!!!!
All for now. Peace, Love, and Shrimp Kabobs!!!!


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