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10 September 2005

Ok,dont get snooty because I havent posted its been a long week....
First, lets attend Monday I had a barbeque for Labor Day and I had a bunch of friends over, ok not a bunch, just my Plt ldr (who treats me like his little sister), his GF,the S-3, his GF, and a some one I have known for 3 or 4 years now... It was a lot of fun, we played twister, ate some food, and watched tv... After that things kind of went bad when one of the people got kicked out of his house and got maced; a trip to the hospital for both him and my plt ldr and going to sleep at like 330 in the moring later I get up go to school and come home to the bsement all rearranged and the futon from my room moved downstairs, and now the S-3 si living in my basement which there is nothing wrong with that. Its going good so far and I think everything is going to be fine.
Well I have to go find stuff for dinner.
talk to you all later
peace out!


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