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29 July 2006

Whats up

To start this post off I'd like to say that ambulance drivers here cannot drive well. That being said, let me explain how I came to this conclusion:
We were having one of those infamous "get togethers" at the armory and we were playing tug-o-war and the rope caught on K.W.s earring so he accidentally lets go of the rope and sends Boyfriend and Cracker sailing. Boyfriend lands on his back wrong and is having involuntary movements and is screaming in pain, so we call 911 they send an ambulance, they stick him on a back board and put him in the back of the ambulance, they say that I can go as long as I am in the front....ok.... Get in and off we go, the lady in the back tells the driver to take it easy while driving, ok that makes sense...... She goes to make a left turn like she is in a race, and I dont know how, but she found every bump in the road..... anyways... the Boyfriend is ok, his back is sore, but other than that he is being stubborn and not relaxing so that he can get better, faster.
Anyways, map reading was today, nothing exciting, except we tried to get one kid to comprehend, and it just was not working, so we tell him take this home with you and practice, have your dad help you (his dad is the local Army recruiter). What does he do? he forgets the map stuff so he can practice. K.W. forgot his attendance note book and he gave me a first aid book that isnt first aid, its all about being successful or something like that, its just in the same unit as the first aid so its the same thing on all the covers.
To get the countdown started: 25 days until school starts (August 23 for those who dont want to figure it out)
For those who keep up on this thing. The word yeah seems to be universal in how it is used, so I have proven my point with point blank evidence and I have my friends from PC to thank for that.
I believe thats all
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