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04 August 2006

The countdown

There are 19 days left until school starts, I have to go into Cpt and Chiefs office on tuesday, raiders on Monday, it was supposed to be tomorrow, but the person in charge did not get around to calling people. Another thing I have to talk to CPT about, along with Drill Team to Chief, Raiders to CPT, and do whatever it was that CPT called me about on Wednesday, but I didnt get until Thursday afternoon.... Ooops!!!!!
Anyways not much else going on, I got a haircut so far reactions have been:
A confused stare- boyfriend
Someone falling into a chair from laughter- Cracker
A scream, back into a corner and start laughing- S-5
I can't wait to see what sis does! All that happened was I went from long and all one length (and semi-straight) to layered and really wavy and short.
Talk to you later,
and Blonde Insanity


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