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01 November 2009


People need to understand that going completely cuckoo on people does not make friends. I don't get it, people think that by starting trouble and causing drama it is going to make things better... it doesn't. If it did, I'd be all for it, but seriously.

Another thing, this isn't high school, people need to remove their heads and realize that this is not, nor will it ever be high school so dragging the bitchy drama into it will not make change this factor.
Yell, scream, cry, bitch, do whatever... Just realize its foolish and immature.

Now, I'm not innocent, but my blowups stay private, they aren't broadcasted to the entire world. Learn to keep the personal life personal... It might do some good. The problem is not all people can do that, and it creates problems, lots of problems. Plus, people will put themselves where they do not belong, because they think its an easy way back in, it never is.

Maybe it's me on a soapbox rant, but seriously, why can't people just grow up and get over themselves?


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