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10 March 2010

A lot has happened

It's true, a lot has happened since Nov. 1st... I have a boyfriend now, after a very interesting roller coaster ride we actually determined we were in a relationship. It's been great so far, I mean we have had a few arguments, but nothing major. It always seems to work out, I am happy, I smile when I think about him, this is probably the best relationship I've had, I just hope it stays that way.

My family life has gone south, if it even exists. I barely talk to Dad, because I am unsure of what to say sometimes, I sometimes avoid Mom because I can't handle some of the things she does. I wish this hadn't happened but I cannot control it.

School is well school, I have to drop a class so I don't bomb my GPA, I have to take summer school, find a job for the summer, get ready for fall semester, etc. It's school there is nothing special about it.

ROTC just finds new ways to drive me up a wall, whether it be something simple like drill and ceremony to not handling situations properly. I sometimes wonder about the leadership here, but hey you can't win them all. I guess I'm just irritated, sometimes I wonder if I should have just enlisted... However, maybe I did make the right choice.

At any rate, I have to get ready for work.



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