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24 September 2010

All the world's a stage, and mine is getting heckled

Seriously, I don't know what the hell is going on lately but it's one thing after another. I've moved into a new apartment, which subsequently flooded at the end of july... Just recovered from that one. My car seems to realize when I really can't afford to fix it because it breaks. I went to Iowa and had to replace a bunch of stuff 780 dollars I couldn't really afford. Now, the belt has slipped off there is oil everywhere and the potential that I may have blown a gasket exists. Grr, I hate you car.

As third year cadet it seems like the BS increases... I'm serious there are more efficient ways to do some of the things we do... Not to mention training with only 7 live weapons and maybe 60 rubber ducks on a weapons familiarization training day may not go the greatest, but don't take out on us because training plans had to be revamped to accommodate this FRAGO... A better recon on whether or not the guard unit we borrow them from was on FTX and couldn't let us borrow them would have been in order. Let's also analyze that you expect college kids (some of which really don't care) to answer their phones or check their emails past 9pm.. not quite, but hte effort was made and was rather successful. I understand you want the 3's to be the teachers, but if there is an MS2 who is prior service and has better knowledge of something I'm gonna let him teach it so that the cadets get the correct information... I'd rather have the right stuff being trained, then me jacking it up. Oh, yea.. I'm NOT a PT studette, you will always see Physically Fit as a dimension I need to improve on in my yellow card... I'm working on improving it... But stop bitching at me about it.

The parentals are parentals. Mom lives in CO now, Dad is still here.... this is interesting to say the least... Wonder how the holidays are gonna go?

On the plus side... My birthday is Monday. I'm 21.


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