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03 June 2011

A new chapter

Yep, its that time. I leave for LDAC soon, nervous and excited at the same time. I'm also single, yep that's right, and truth be told I'm better off. What I thought was there never actually was, well maybe at one point. He was right in the fact that it was merely convenient for him...hence why after less than two months after we broke up he was with somebody else and basically engaged. It was never real, but a friend of mine told me to embrace these words "not my problem" and its not.
I was very upset that it ended, I was upset that I wasn't good enough, but then I learned things, and I saw a lot of red flags that I should have seen before. LP breaking up with me was for the better, I do hope he is happy now and wish no ill will towards him...just glad he's gone and that I'm moving on.

I wish to extend thanks to my friends, family, and those who have helped through all of this (mentors of sorts). Some I should have listened to a long time ago, others I am listening to now. They have been there for me through a lot, to pick up the pieces, and to help piece me back together, to give advice even if I may not have wanted it and when I've asked for it. Without them I'd never gotten out of the downward spiral I was in. I'm out of it now, and walk around with a smile, my head a little higher, and my heart a lot less in pain.

I'm also starting my senior year of college this year, and my final year of ROTC. I commission next year as a Second Lieutenant hopefully as an Ordnance officer on active duty. Completing this program and getting to where I am on a professional level is truly one of my best accomplishments, and that is something no one is going to try and say otherwise to me.

I will try to get better about posting, but I doubt it.


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