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29 August 2011

LDAC is an experience, but it is one I have to repeat unfortunately. Land nav got the best of me and therefore I have to go back to "Atropia". The plus side I picked up a minor in English now, pretty exciting...

School has started again, first day of the second week was today...nothing special just school. We have a new PMS, I haven't quite figured out how I feel about him yet. Change is good, and I've been told never to compare one to the other it will either be immense disappointment or immense satisfaction.

Mom is moving back to Iowa, but that's another story.

My personal life is a mess, but that's about normal now....Just when things were getting better, I guess I'm confused and not sure what I want from all of that.

I have a dog now!!! He's a bull terrier named Hawkeye (after the M*A*S*H character) Hes an awesome dog, pretty smart too. I'm really glad I got him!


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