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11 October 2011

So it's about 1215 in the morning, I've had a bunch of caffeine and I need a break from Constitutional Law.

I don't really have anything great to report, I'm attempting the Norwegian Ruck march which is 18.6 miles! Other than that, school, ROTC, and the usual emotional WTH that usually comes with my life.

I have to go back to LDAC...yay me. The hardest part is going to be keeping my motivation up when I'm there...Next will be confidence in my land nav skills. MAJ H says I have a lack of confidence he's never seen before; probably true. I am working to improve it, and I think I'm making process...I think a lot of it stems from the insanity of my relationship....I'm building myself back up, but am I a better person for it or not?

I got accepted for a spot in EOD school, as long as I branch Ordnance....god I want active duty and i'll probably shoot for OD and get it I'm thinking. It's not a widely requested branch. Everyone is joking with me because I want to diffuse bombs and I'm not exactly the most graceful around...I think I'll be ok. Everytime someone has said that I couldn't do it or I may not make it I always seem to do exactly the opposite....this time won't be that much different.

I need a flippin hobby....well i need time to do one of the ones I have...that's never gonna happen. I wonder if it would allow me to relax though... the answer is probably yes.

Anyway, I gotta get this Con Law done, unless it magically did itself....I'm not that lucky


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