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21 May 2007

Catch up

Alright, you all can just calm down, I have a lot of stuff to do... So there was the awards ceremony, I was recognized for, Drill Team, PT Club, Marksmanship, ok, fine all the extracurriculars. I got 2nd place female PT (yippeee) I also got Scottish rite of Freemasonry. At the end I was promoted, that was cool, but Chief couldnt get my thing undone so it was funny as well. Whit is the XO.
Chief had his wedding this past Saturday. He invited me, dork, cracker, and whit to do a saber arch for him and his bride. We also got to go to the reception. During the formal part Chief called us to our feet and I knocked over my chair, Chief said, "must have been Higgins!!" OOPS. Im glad that he wanted to include us in that part of his life. Now, he is out "sick" for the week... wink wink. Yeah, he's sick in Florida.
Oh here is some really awesome news!! I am getting my senior pics done in Chicago. Franklin is going to do them for me!!! AWESOME!!! I think I am caught up so heres whats current, We have move up day tomorrow and its not that exciting.
For those who check those overheard in such and such place, heres one:

Overheard in OHS cafeteria:
Senior 1- "I've lost my cap and gown, I know its here I just dont know where."
Senior 2- " Here as in the school, your locker, my locker, your car, the house, what?"
Senior1- " I dont know where, I just know its here. I had it then.. I didnt."

my thinking: What the heck. These are the people we are about to let out into the real world. Lord have mercy on this planet.