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24 September 2006

Hello all

Its a sunday morning at about 0930 and I am catching up on my blogging..... Anyways, Raiders has been cancelled, Drill Team is going to start on the 4th of October, CPT is trying get Marksmanship started, but its taking a while. XO is going pretty good, a few bumps in the road, but they are straightening out!!!!! Oktoberfest is in a few weeks, and I get to Command the Drill Team which will be marching right behind the Color Guard. thats if I can get enough people together, which shouldn't be a problem. Other then that, its the usual here. The teen center is doing ok, as long as Vegan lady stops being random... Oh, for football color guards, we don't present the colors, we raise a huge garrison flag up a 60 ft pole and then take it down at the end of the game. Anyways, I think I have covered what I needed to cover, if I think of anything I will get back to you.
and Blonde Insanity
p.s. Its getting cold here!!!!