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16 November 2008

A small dissertation on latrines

Ahh, the Army, it has its moments

When in the army (or ROTC) and very low man on totem pole. It is true that sometimes getting things done can be difficult.
Like when going to the latrine (bathroom for those who don't speak army) one must talk to at least four people to get it approved, then receive an OPORD and a WARNO. Once all thats done, and one finally makes it to the latrine, they need to call up higher for further instructions (because soldiers can't wipe their own rears without someone telling them how) After completing the above objective, one must give a SALUTE report, LACE report, and check back in with the same four people they checked out with. Plus, one better hope there is no FRAGO's in this operation, or it might make things a little difficult.

Just thought I would share that with everyone.

10 November 2008

Coloring books are for anyone!

Yes it is true that even at the age of 19 or 30 (you know who you are!!!) that coloring books can make life just a little better! When your day is just a little hectic there is nothing wrong with pulling out the colored pencils, the coloring book, and sitting on the floor.
The only difference between our younger years and older years is that we are slightly more organized, we organize the colors in order of the rainbow, we stay with in the lines, we have more complex designs to color, and our concept of how colors go together is more advanced!!

Yes, I can honestly say that I color, and I see no problems with it. When you have 8 small ones, that seem to come out of the wood work, its good to pick up the book open it and just color the first thing you see.

It is a great stress reliever, it lets you put your thoughts into color.

But above all... Dammit, its just plain fun!!!!! Why the heck do you think we all did it at a young age, it certainly was not because we were learning something.

Ok, random yes, but very very true!!

03 November 2008

You people do not know everything despite what you may believe

Hello all,
Its ranting time!!!!!!
I would first like to point out that I am indescribably glad that I did not attend high school here in Chicago, and I am especially grateful that I did not participate in JROTC here.
It seems like a select few that are now college students, (and supposed to be mature young adults) have a know-it-all, right of entitlement attitude.
Just because you were the Commander of City Corps Staff, went to Nationals for drill team( my question now becomes, did you place in anything or did you just show up?) does not mean you know everything about drill. Just because you can spout off the drill and ceremonies manual FM number (which is FM 3-21.5 by the way) does not mean you know how to use it, because it is quite plain that you rarely ever opened it to read the table of contents. It should also be noted that competition drill is more of an art, then science. That being said, you should not make a comment to two other people who have done drill for the same amount of time as you (if not longer) that we can't drill (please note that the look on my companions face was absolutely PRICELESS!!!) is not necessarily the best way to make friends, but a great way to make enemies.

Now there is also those of you who believe that you know everything about color guard!!! You then proceed to tell me how to do my job, because you think that you are better than me because I am from Iowa. Oh, and why bother asking me if I want your opinion (which I don't) when you are going to give it to me anyway? Not to mention the claims behind your opinion/argument are sorely lacking. You claim that I am not the best candidate for OIC, well then why the hell was I picked for it? You claim that I don't care about how the CG looks when it performs, when in fact I am not the one who showed up IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES. So lets not go there about professionalism, or anything like that. I would also like to mention that this is not JROTC, we can't have practice every week, you cannot force people to be there. You have to remember school/grades are of higher importance then color guard. One last thing when teaching right shoulder arms, no where in the FM does it say anything about "flaring" the rifle before placing it on your shoulder, thats just some gay thing that you did in honor guard, so please stop teaching it to my color guard cadets.

Now for the next one.... Please do not tell me how to set up a formal event color guard when you do not have the details. Just because that is how you did it back in JROTC, does not mean that it will be done that way in ROTC. I am the one who talks to MSG about upcoming events and I know what is expected, so please do not try and tell me how to do my job... Especially in front of other cadets.

Oh and to all the other MSI's who think they are awesome...... You're not, you piss off the the 2's, 3's and 4's more than usual. We are MSI's we dont know crap, we are still learning, and in the end we are all here to obtain the same goal... to be 2LT's in the U.S. Army.. Well, some of us are, others wont make it past MSI year.