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03 October 2006

I'm 17 yrs old

I have finally turned 17 as of 27 Sep 06!!!!!! My birthday party was awesome!!! We had it on saturday at the teen center. The whole gang was there, anyways heres a rundown:
  • I ran into the door
  • My sister, boyfriend, father, other sister, and who knows who else , window painted my car.
  • Kw played DDR on his hands.
  • Balloons were popped everywhere.
  • Tons of food
  • There was glitter tatoos everywhere, making KW the glitter princess
  • At the end of the night , about 9 ppl ended up at my house for the night
I htink thats all for the party, now I have to worry about oktoberfest this week.
ah well.
and blonde insanity