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23 November 2005


It's 3 going on 4 months and me and the brother are in the bickering stage. Now I'm still learning proper sibling etiquette, but this is a good thing right? So far we have argued about:
my overachieving
the fact that he should not cook
how I "aim" with a remote
how to answer english questions on the ACT's
Magic (mostly decks)
and other stuff that I cant think of right now.
We started exhibition at the last drill practice, which was funny because the first few parts of the routine we lost all the guys, in a matter of 10 minutes all the guys were gone!!!!!!! Now my next challenge is getting the exhibition commander to stand still long enough to show her an idea that I have for exhibition. Brother suggested that I grab her by the shoulders and tell her to stand still and waaatch (is that really going to work?). Anyways, I am now the platoon leader and have been promoted to C/2Lt. Oh and I am taking the ACT's in dec. woohoo.
I am strong in English and reading maybe science FORGET Math.
Brother is strong in Science, Math, Reading, and some of the English.
I think one of the harder parts of the test will be the writing portion, but we'll see what happens.
love and
play the tambourine (nevermind)

15 November 2005

Darn it

I tried to post yesterday, but when I went to click publish it didnt work. Basically it was about boys and cooking so to restate what I said. Teenage boys and cooking should not go together. Can water really burn?.... Ewww Ew ewwwwwwwww why do they insist on cooking oatmeal in the microwave.. Uh oh is my brother using the stove, I hope he is knows the difference between the stove knob and the oven knob... If not we have the fire dept. number: 911!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok brb he needs a hug... There is NO way one needs 4 cups of water to make 2 pkgs of ramen noodles.
Salsa on ramen noodles, ketchup on mac and cheese.. Do boys have foods sense ( for most about as much as fashion sense) Speaking of which brother is getting a pikachu scarf. Now hes having trouble figuring out what a colonder is. OMG his band jacket is humungous, it looks like he can fit him, mom, dad, me and his girlfriend all at once. Anyways back to the collander, its silver and has lots of holes in it... Does that help you. Ok, I am back from the concert, so where was I....... oh yeah teenage boys and how badly they attempt to cook. Whats sad is the guys who take FCS are sometimes worse at cooking then those who dont.. If he gets pikachu I get Gonzo.. WOO HOO!!!! I'm not so sure if we should allow the brother to try baking because if microwaves prove difficult for him I'm scared to see what happens when he uses the oven. It'll be like a pot pie exploding in the microwave, but on a grander scale! oh well it could be worse he could use an iron for making grilled cheese...... wait a sec... *looks right*.... does he? UH OH!!!!
I think thats it so
love and
less then 4 cups of water for ramen noodles
P.S. For those who are interested the Halloween party went well. New record cops arrived half hour into party woo hoo