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26 October 2008

College, ROTC, Ranger Challenge.

Hey all,
I know, I know, but if you haven't figured out by now that this is a rarity... thats not my problem!
College is cool, classes are good. Nothing to crazy, Math, English, French, ROTC, and Political Science. Totals up to about 16 credit hours!! I'm also in the Political Science Student Association (PSSA) ROTC is awesome!!! Some of the classes are repeat from JROTC, but thats ok. I'm in charge of Color Guard for the BN, and I'm on Ranger Challenge (similar to Raiders). We went to a competition this past weekend.... It was different! It was also very fun, however, I dont think I have ever been this sore!!!!! if you want details on it, go looks at Mom's blog... Im not exactly motivated to give details.

Have a good one!

"Bring the Rain"