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29 December 2005

Bad blogger

You know what its not my fault that I have a lot to do. Lets see there's unarmed regulation, unarmed exhibition, color guard, armed regulation, basketball color guards, the holidays, break, going to the YMCA with brother and friend that is also the S-1. Hey, in a nutshell, thats my life. Our first drill meet is in January, our cadet ball is in February. Until then I get to put up with the lovely drama of high school......WOOHOO...... Oh and I got my ears pierced for CHRISTMAS, no sign of infection or problems so thats a good sign. Brother got Axis and Allies for CHRISTMAS and made me play with him, I played, but I do not like the game its long and monotonous, but I have basically given him the hint that I dont want to play for a long time. My best friend is coming on New Years Day so is my other "brother" and maybe his parents. In the words of the brothers, "the crazy sisters are getting together" all I have to say to them is: I have good aim with a remote. Anyways all for now.
Have a good new year
see you on the other side

19 December 2005

Secret Pal Info !!!!

Yea , ok ok ok.. I suffer bad blogger....chronically.
So, I come home after a day filled with drama and idiots ( which is a deadly combination when you have NO PATIENCE for either one ) and there , on the coffee table, all alone, a box. A box from Colorado.... for me. I didn't know I knew anyone in Colorado.. Then it dawned on me.... Secret Pal !!!!!
SP, you are the bestest sp in the world.
My 4 year old, outdated digital camera is FUBAR, so pics are coming after the holidays ( ok, so I know what one of my gifts from Mom and Dad are )
But OMG where to begin.....
The box was absolutely BURSTING with all sorts of goodies !!!
First thing is 4 balls of the most gorgeous purpley ( it's a word... I said so ) colorway of sensations bellezza collection cosetta wool blend... scarf... no mittens.... no hat... no, it's gloves.... no no.... um, er , uh.... ok, I haven't decided what it is going to be cause I just can't decide...
Then there is the CUTES T MOST ADORABLE Spooky Bat Toy... with a clip ( he is living on my backpack now ) and he says stuff, and giggles demonically... he is just the coolest thing ! I adore him so much !
The reindeer soap... THIS IS SO COOL, Can't bring myself to use it, so it's on my desk making me smile every time I look at it.
Euphoria Chocolates.... OMG...these are SOOOOOO delicious and nummy... what can I say chocolate !
The wax pot pourri, holder and bag of votive candles smells sooo nice, and it looks great on my dresser... thank you so much.....
A camo fabric book cover... Sooo cool... it's a really cool cover, they don't have anything like that here... now, which book deserves such an honor.....
A new hoodie pattern from White Lies... The sleeves are soo cool, I cant wait to get started. ( Ok, it wasn't 5 minutes till I was online ordering yarn from Elann for it ! ) Gonna be my New Year's sweater.
Then, there was this little red tin... I opened it to find Austrian Crystal earrings that are soooo gorgeous. They were one my wishlist and that was so cool of you SP........ gonna wear em tomorrow to school !
There was one thing that brought me to think I am the luckiest person. My sp did the most AWESOME thing. She made me the COOOLEST Stitch markers.... SP, you took the time to find army logos, put my name on em but the thing that really got me was you took the time to go find our bulldog logo, our unit crest, the JROTC patch logo and that made me feel so blessed to have such an awesome SP. Can't wait to be able to take pics and show em off !
( BTW SP, I need to talk to you about buying some special ones for my mom )
Thanks again SP, and yes, we will stay in touch. I am reading your blog now....
Peace Love and Colorado!

12 December 2005

Its cold.

We have snow early... its really weird..... Exhibition is going, well in an odd direction, we have inserted the macarena which is not appropriate for JROTC drill, but thats just me I could be wrong. Raiders is slowing down because of winter, plus we dont have anything until spring. I have straight A's for midterm AGAIN. I think thats all i have been doing is drill, raiders, and basketball color guards.

02 December 2005

Gots to make this fast

Ok, I have to go quick because I have a color guard to do. I got my ranks today, played dodgeball and got hit in the eye. I have Raiders tomorrow at 7 and exhibition at 9. There is a dance tonight that a few friends from chicago that are setting up a teen center are sponsoring it. Its going to be sooo much fun (even if its a semiformal). Well gotta run.